19. February 2005

BBClone Plugin

This Plugin makes the BBClone web statistics tool useable from within the popular CMS Textpattern.

To install just copy the string into the appropriate Field in Textpattern. Don’t forget to configure and activate the plugin!

Then the usage inside of Textpattern is very simple: Just include the tag <txp:poe_bbclone /> into your documents and everything else will be done automagically for you.

Download BBClone Plugin v0.4
Just copy the string into the Plugins section of Textpattern.
Tested with BBClone v1.4.6a and Textpattern 1.0 RC1

20. September 2004 19:35 | Gerrit

You should mention the BBClone plugin in the complete list of TXP-plugins here: http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=2193

23. January 2005 12:17 | yian

so do we include the tag in the head or the body of the template?

23. January 2005 21:31 | Gernot

Since it doesn’t output anything except an (optional) HTML Comment it doesn’t matter where you put it.

23. February 2005 12:49 | f.pradignac

Hello Gernot,

and thanks for your cool plugin in TXP !

Like I write in TXP forum topic

I have some trouble with french “accent” and with the ”$BBC_KILL_STATS”.

Thanks for all,


23. February 2005 21:22 | f.pradignac

The problem with ”$BBC_KILL_STATS” is solved with the BBClone 0.4.6 version D : it was a bug.

Rest the trouble with “accent”.


23. February 2005 21:52 | Gernot

Sorry, I’m ill right now. I’ll have a look at the problem when i’m fit again.

24. February 2005 07:30 | f.pradignac

Sorry !

See you later. Bye.


5. March 2005 08:27 | f.pradignac

Hello Gernot,

To prevent bad accentuated caracters in BBClone 0.4.6e-utf8 to be stored, I’ve hacked your plugin like this :

//Make a beautiful title String

$bbcsubtitle = substr(page_title(array()), strlen($sitename)+2);

$remplacements = array( //f.pradignac hack

‘38;’ => ‘&’,

‘64;’ => ’@’,

‘140;’ => ’Œ’,

‘156;’ => ’œ’,

‘192;’ => ’À’,

‘194;’ => ’Â’,

‘199;’ => ’Ç’,

‘200;’ => ’È’,

‘201;’ => ’É’,

‘202;’ => ’Ê’,

‘224;’ => ’à’,

‘231;’ => ’ç’,

‘232;’ => ’è’,

‘233;’ => ’é’,

‘234;’ => ’ê’,

‘235;’ => ’ë’,

‘238;’ => ’î’,

‘244;’ => ’ô’,

‘249;’ => ’ù’,

‘&#’ => ‘’);

$bbcsubtitle = strtr($bbcsubtitle, $remplacements); //end hack

if ($bbcsubtitle == “”) { $bbcsubtitle = $bbcstartpagetitle; }

$bbctitle = $bbcprefix.$bbcsubtitle;

It’s a hard hack but it works for me : hope that with the TXP 1.0 release or with a good programmer (not me ;-) ) there will be a more beautifull and more fully exhaustive issue.



28. April 2005 11:07 | Bengt


Maybe I just configured something incorrect, but isn’t the idea of the plugin to present all different textpattern pages that been visited in the global stats page? For me, only the Default page got hits and is presented. I put the string in all of my pages but only the “default” got hits. What did I do wrong or is the plugin only designed to collect hits, not to present the distribution?

Best regards

Bengt Wanergard, Sweden

3. May 2005 16:21 | JoNtE

Modified this part of the plugin to get bbclone to separate the sections index visits from the index page ones.

/*——Do not configure anything below this line——*/

GLOBAL $sitename, $s;

if ($s "default"){

$bbcsubtitle = ‘Start’;


$bbcsubtitle = ucFirst($s);


//Make a beautiful title String

$bbcsubtitle .= substr(page_title(array()), strlen($sitename)+2);

if ($bbcsubtitle “”) { $bbcsubtitle = $bbcstartpagetitle; }

$bbctitle = $bbcprefix.$bbcsubtitle;

So now I get “Txp: Start” and “Txp: Archive” separately.

22. November 2005 23:02 | f.pradignac


I’ve just noticed that with TXP 4.0.2 in “debugg” mode, I have this message at the top of my pages :

tag_error -> Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference

Any idea ?

29. December 2005 19:13 | pascal

f.pradignac, I testet the plugin in 4.0.2 and it worked without any error in debug mode. Are you sure that this plugin caused the error?

28. January 2006 11:21 | Gernot

Because of comment sapm I have to deactivate comments for this article. Sorry.

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