Portrait of Gernot PoetschWelcome to my personal space on the web. Here I occassionally post stuff that I find interesting. I'm currently living in Berlin and I am doing freelance development im Objective-C and Cocoa - in other words, I specialize in Mac and iPhone Programming. I'm also doing consulting and concept development. I also have experience in the usual web stuff (Rails, Webservices, Databases,...). In 2006, I graduated in Media and Computer Science at the University of Technology in Dresden.

All things here are copyrighted by me unless noted otherwise. But if you want to use something you see here, feel free to ask. I post my stuff in german or in english, and there is no particular system what I post in which language. I use whatever language I think fits the topic or the audience best – if you want me to translate something, please contact me.

I equipped the following contact information with Microformats, so that spambots metadata search engines can find me. That's why you can for example use Technoratis Tools to automatically add me to your address book.

Gernot Poetsch


Richard-Sorge-Str. 66
10249 Berlin, Germany

I'll give you my Skype, AIM, Jabber and conventional phone number on request.

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